Colin Peirce:


Colin is an Australian Lawyer admitted to practice in Victoria, the Federal Jurisdiction and NSW.† He holds a Batchelor of Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.


Colinís experience has been varied having worked at firms Meerkin & Apel, Mallesons, Gadens and its predecessor, Gadens Ridgeway, Robert Green & Co. and now as principal of Lewis & Weir.


His experience has been principally with small to medium sized businesses.† This involvement led to a period of time on the executive of the Small Business Association of Victoria with an advocacy role through the lobbying of Government on behalf of small business.† This led to an active involvement in the drafting of the Codes of Conduct for the Electricity Industry at the time of privatisation by the Kennett Government.† Then subsequently with the Committee responsible for the establishment of the Ombudsmanís office, the selection of Ms. Fiona McLeod as Victoriaís first electricity Ombudsman, and ultimately serving on the Board of the Company now known as the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) Limited initially under the chairmanship of Sir. James Gobbo and then Mr. Tony Staley.


Colinís expertise with areas of practice of the Firm has developed over a period of about thirty years working with the Law, and with business activity outside the Law, which in addition to the involvement with VECCI and EWOV Limited, also involved business interests in Malaysia.† The empathy he has with the problems and practical legal solutions required by clients of the Firm with minimal fuss, is reflective of the Firms aims.

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